Why We Love Hair

What is it about hair? I don’t know. I just know that I’ve been obsessed with mine since I was a teen.

Men, on the other hand, don’t seem to be quite as enamored. They put that passion into, say, the thrill of an expensive limousine service like this one: www.luxelimoservice.com.

Having someone else drive them around in a very expensive automobile connotes power and prestige. Yes, women will come along for the ride, happy to be attached to a man of such “importance.”

But the whole time they’re riding in that fancy car, they will be thinking about their hair, their shoes, their makeup…

Women are so obsessed with hair that when a drugstore hair brand took a survey, they discovered that 57% would rather have good hair for life than gain 10 additional I.Q. points!

That’s the power of hair. (And BTW, I’m with the 57%).

Hair, or the lack of it, has long been a symbol of beauty, as well as a political statement. For example, up until about a half century ago, Indian women were forced to shave their heads when their husbands died.

That’s one way of demeaning a women’s physical appearance. Unless, of course, you’re Sinead O’Connor, who doesn’t like hair at all. Weird.

In the ’20’s, the bob became all the rage. It was a symbol of women’s emerging independence.

In the ’60’s, hair was all about long and straight. Peace, love, and rock n roll. If your hair was long and you wore bell bottom jeans, chances are you leaned to the hippie left.┬áBut if you were an Army wife, your hair was a bouffant.

Just goes to show that hair is a statement about your personality, your beliefs, even your political leanings.

Low Hair Esteem

But let’s face it. Most of us suffer with low hair esteem.

  • It’s too thin
  • It doesn’t grow fast enough
  • It’s too thick
  • It’s too curly
  • It doesn’t look like your favorite movie star

So, what do we do to even the playing field? Color it. Perm it. Braid it. Highlight it, even wax it. Then, of course, there are all those hair products tempting us with perfection, mousse, gel, liquids, sprays.

You name it and I want it.

Hair, whether we like it or not, is deeply connected to how we feel about ourselves. Do we feel sexy? Powerful? Mannish? Or, does your hair say, “I don’t really care any more.”

(I know a few of the latter.)

Our hair pretty much rules the roost of self-esteem. We can allow it to say that we aren’t good enough to belong to this club or that organization because…FILL IN THE BLANK.

Why do you do this to yourself? Why do I do it?

Isolated portrait of a beautiful female with a big red heart in hands, sensual woman on white background, cute girl face expressing positivity, conceptual image of health care and love

Because hair is just your heart sitting on top of your head!

Because hair is an extension of our vulnerability.


The Jennifers

Who hasn’t looked at Jennifer Aniston’s long hair and thought, “Why can’t I get my hair to do that?”

Or, how about Jennifer Lopez? She’s the epitome of sexuality. The woman doesn’t have an age spot anywhere on her face, her makeup is always intriguing, and that hair…

I remember when she cut it to shoulder length and tweeted, “Short hair don’t care.”

At the time I thought, yeah right. This, too, shall pass. And, of course, it did.

But the Jennifers demonstrate the power of hair, especially long hair. Most men adore it, and that’s enough for us.

So, naturally, long hair is THE standard for sexuality. I’ve seen women in their 60’s still trying to wear their gray hair long with disastrous results. Who wants to see mangy gray hair that isn’t well cared for?

And yet, women cling to the notion that their attractiveness hinges on the length of their hair. I know. I was one of those women for many years.

Haircare Tips

Because hair is so personal, and because women are always seeking out new ways to manage their “crowning glory,” as Maya Angelou called it, I thought a blog on ways to care for it was in order.

From long hair to Jackie O hair, you’ll find a multitude of ways to manage and glorify your hair.

We’ll also talk about coloring your hair. About 70% of women do, should you? And what if you don’t? Can you pull off gray hair successfully?

Has your hair ever become bloated? There’s a name for that, and there is a way to tame it.

Hair Types

It’s not just hairstyles that women obsess over; it’s also their hair type.

  • Curly
  • Fine
  • Coarse
  • Thick

I’ll talk about different ways to manage your hair type and how to get your salon products to work harder for you.

But the biggest lesson I want to impart is this.

Hair is not all about l-o-n-g hair! As a short-haired girl, this blog promises to be an equal opportunity hair lover.

That’s because I believe short hair can be just as sexy as long hair. I mean seriously, have you seen Carey Mulligan with short hair?

She looks so much more attractive, dare I say, downright adorable, with short hair.

To show you just how sexy short hair can be, check out the video below. Then tell me it doesn’t get your knickers in a twist!